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Technology can take a bite out of your budget, but you can get more for less when you shop with home automation coupons

Turn On/Off your heavy home appliances such as AC, geyser etc., using your phone. Just Plug-in your appliance into KIOT Heavy Duty Plug. Track power consumption of appliances.Control appliances with mobile App, voice commands. With KIOT Plug do all these even when you are not at home.

• Designed to connect 6A and 16A appliances.
• Built in surge protector.
• Monitor Power Consumption.
• Communicates over Wi-Fi, works with/without internet.


An All-In-One, portable and smart remote, which can control all of your TVs, AC’s, Set Top Boxes and more. KIOT Red fits into any USB adapter and connects to your Wi-Fi. Place i tanywhere in the room and control all your appliances.

Innovative Design. Ultra-Portable – Fits in your pocket.
• 360o degree coverage in your room.
• Simple plug and play. Configure in a minute.
• User friendly remotes in mobile app.
• Get comprehensive TV guide, with reminders.


KIOT has a range of Sensors in its catalogue, that can
be plugged and played with the sensor strip.

• Easily sit’s on top of a Switchboard.
•Left USB slot of the Sensor strip can connect any
analog sensor, either Light, Gas or Air Quality.
• Right USB slot can connect any i2c Sensor, either
Motion or Occupancy.


KIOT Switch comes with a unique patent-pending modular sensor strip to
which any KIOT Sensor can be plugged and played.

• Easily sit’s on top of a Switchboard.
• Built in 360o IR and Temperature Sensor.
• 2 USB Slots to plug and play KIOT Sensors.
• Comes as a package with the Switches.
• Helps you to reset and configure your switch
• The sensor strip is future ready for any upcoming
sensors or future modules such as Panic Button,
Speaker etc from KIOT.

Stay Tuned!